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    Our team at IWCC provides our clients with a wide range of
    quality services such as, Field & Telephonic Nurse
    Case Management, Home Assessments, and Nurse Advocacy.

Field & Telephonic Medical Case Management

The Nurse Case Manager coordinates and manages medical and non-medical needs for the injured worker and reports back to all parties.

Comprehensive Home Assessment

Home Assessments are designed to provide a comprehensive report of the entire environment in which the injured worker resides.

Catastrophic Nurse Case Management

Catastrophic injuries present immediate and long term cost risks for the entire industry in which the injured worker was involved. Without proper management, recovery can be prolonged and more costly than necessary.

Nurse Advocacy Program

We provide experienced nurse advocates for various Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs. IWCC is one of the few nurse case management companies that is recognized, trusted and agreed upon by employers, insurance companies and other stakeholders in the ADR process. IWCC nurses are chosen by the employers and the unions to provide expedited, no-nonsense nurse guidance and advocacy for all employees injured on the job. Working close with the ombudsmen IWCC nurses are able to guide the injured works to receive expedited medical care to avoid complications and encourage expedited return to work options.

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